Program Overview

Through My Actions will include a Focus activity either movement or mindful imagery. An Action component which will include an activity or character education. Finally, a Reflection component. (All movement is designed to be done in a general education classroom setting with space constraints.)

The Curriculum

Sessions are differentiated by grade spans in regards to the movement complexities and speed of progression. The program is organized around questions of inquiry that support character development. Each session starts with a question of inquiry, to help students make connections to ideas about respect, responsibility, and perseverance. This design brings together physical education standards and socio-emotional standards.

A Balanced Program

Through My Actions….

Child Development

Children learn healthy habits from everyday experiences. By watching roles models, paying attention to their own choices, and playing with friends, children start establishing their habits. Schools can help parents with programs like the “through my actions”

How To Use This Program

Following the sessions in sequence is important since the sessions build upon previous skills as the course progresses. All sessions are built on the follow design:  During the very first session, the instructor establishes the norms, protocols, and expectations for the course. For sessions 2 through 13, students will learn a “vocabulary” of activities.  Some games and extensions activities can be helpful to make sure students are having fun and experiencing a range of learning opportunities. In sessions 14 through 25, students…..

Sample Session


Video Example

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