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ITKOBStudents will explore various spices through smell and taste.ITKQOI How do my actions affect myself and others?ITKCCRESPECT-Different ingredients appeal to different people; considering others’ tastes when cooking demonstrates respect.
Social Emotional Learning Standards (Illinois) – Late Elementary Describe and demonstrate ways to express emotions in a socially acceptable manner.ITKMATERIALSPaper Plates
Cooking Spray
Misting Spray Bottles
1 Part Cooking Oil
5 Parts Water
Station A: Cinnamon Spice Station (Make 2 stations)
Cinnamon Spice Popcorn Recipe

Plain Air-Popped Popcorn
Cooking Spray
Powdered Sugar (or sugar alternative)
Large Bowl
Small Bowl
Measuring Spoons
Station B: Southwestern Spice Station (Make 2 stations)
Southwestern Spice Popcorn Recipe
Plain Air-Popped Popcorn
Cooking Spray
Chili Powder
Smoked Paprika
Garlic Powder
Large Bowl
Small Bowl
Measuring Spoons
Station C: Greek Spice Station (Make 2 stations)
Greek Spice Popcorn Recipe

Plain Air-Popped Popcorn
Cooking Spray
Dried Dill
Ground Lemon Peel
Onion Powder
Large Bowl
Small Bowl
Measuring Spoons
*When possible, use fresh ingredients from the garden. 

ITKPREPPre-make cooking spray
Pop popcorn
Set-up stations and place 4 cups of popcorn each station.  Display coordinating recipes at each station.  ITKBBYour nose lets you smell and is big part of why you are able to taste things.  Behind your nose, in the middle of your face, is a space called the nasal cavity.  It connects with the back of the throat. The nasal cavity is separated from the inside of your mouth by the roof of your mouth, the palate. When you inhale air through your nostrils, the air enters the nasal passages and travels into your nasal cavity. The air then passes down the back of your throat into the trachea. Maybe this is why people say they can “almost taste” something that they are smelling… think warm cookies!ITKDISCUSSIONDiscuss favorite foods. What flavors are in them?  Where do these flavors come from?  Explain that spices come from all different parts of the world and have been traded for centuries. Cooking with herbs and spices is how food becomes flavorful and appealing.  Have you ever tasted something that wasn’t very good? Chances are it lacked seasoning, had too much seasoning, or a combination of spices that didn’t mix well together.  ITKACTION

  1. Divide students into six groups and allow groups a couple of minutes to explore the spices and recipe at each station.

    Group 1 to Station A
    Group 2 to Station B
    Group 3 to Station C
    Group 4 to Station A
    Group 5 to Station B
    Group 6 to Station C
    Group 1 to Station B
    Group 2 to Station C
    Group 3 to Station A
    Group 4 to Station B
    Group 5 to Station C
    Group 6 to Station A
    Group 1 to Station C
    Group 2 to Station A
    Group 3 to Station B
    Group 4 to Station C
    Group 5 to Station A
    Group 6 to Station B
  2. Once students have explored all three stations, invite groups to remain at the last station they visited and begin preparing the recipe.
  3. Give each student a paper plate and instruct groups to rotate through stations in the same way as before to fill their plates with a scoop of each flavor.

ITKMCWhich recipe was your favorite?  Discuss differences in flavor appeal between students.  Which spice(s) were familiar?  Which spice(s) were unfamiliar?  How different does popcorn taste when spices are added?  Relate the flavor enhancement in the popcorn to how spices flavor other foods.    ITKSHHave students create a class graph, charting which spices were preferred or disliked. What does this tell us about how smells influence our decisions or preferences? What spice was preferred the most? Which was preferred the least?


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