Program Overview

The “in the kitchen” curriculum helps students create a healthy lifestyle through excellent food choices. Students learn…  Over time, students develop a “vocabulary” of different recipes; experience a cooking and eating routines….

The Curriculum

Sessions are differentiated by grade spans in regards to the recipe complexities.  The program is organized around questions of inquiry that support health and wellness development.

A Balanced Program

The program is designed so students have fun while they learn how to……

Child Development

Children learn healthy habits from everyday experiences. By watching roles models, paying attention to their own choices, and playing with friends, children start establishing their habits. Schools can help parents with programs like the “in the kitchen”.

How To Use This Program

During the very first session, the instructor establishes the norms, protocols, and expectations for the course. For sessions 2 through 13, students will learn a “series” of recipes. The instructor will want to help students learn how to complete the recipes safely and with confidence. Some games and extensions activities can be helpful to make sure students are having fun and experiencing a range of learning opportunities.

Sample Session


Video Example

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